Megan Downing and Sarah Barrett, Founders of The Elemental Life, Owners of Elemental Interiors and Elemental CARES

DSC_0183   7017_136832993858_7956839_nMegan Downing and Sarah Barrett came together to open Elemental Interiors in 2009, after working at Thom Filicia Inc. where they gained experience working on projects such as The World’s Fair, W Atlanta- Buckhead and W San Diego, as well as editorial makeovers for Oprah, Ellen, InStyle, Teen Vogue to name a few.  Megan and Sarah each bring their unique talents to Elemental Interiors, where they harness a common vision and philosophy, creating a partnership that is dynamic and expansive.

At The Elemental Life our goal is simple: to work with integrity and joy, and to highlight the transformative power of design on the way we work, live, play, and experience our lives.


Beth Barrett, Style Contributor


I have been working as a Senior Consumer Insights and Research Analyst at GED Testing Service for the past two years.  My career in market research is fulfilling and challenging, however my life would not be complete if I wasn’t able to express myself in a more artistic way.  I have contributed my talents as a styling editor for online magazines, including luri & wilma, and as a retail consultant for a locally designed clothing and accessories shop, Ginger Root Design in Washington DC.  I also provide personal styling and closet consultations to clients in the DC metro area.  Contact me at for more information.


Veronica Acosta, Architecture Contributor,Grad Student at Parsons: Masters of Architecture


I am very interested in phenomenology and the everydayness of design.  I was born in the capital of Paraguay, grew up in rural South Carolina, studied in Barcelona, and now live in New York City.  Something that became a constant theme in all the places I lived and experienced were the people, the culture, and the way architecture reflected the lifestyle of the people there.  I believe in the importance of place in establishing personal identity, the power of place making, and the architects role in community building and society in general.  My passion lies in people and the power that constructed environments have on our lifestyles; and the power that our lifestyles have on constructed environments.


Amelia Steely, Art & Photography Contributor

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I am a painter with a love for architecture. In my work I explore the relationship I have to spaces I’ve experienced and perceived.  I love watching unfamiliar surroundings become familiar and I love art that does the same — that changes meaning as you look at it.