A new ritual has just begun for the Elemental Cares: ARK collaboration.  We have decided to hold dinner party meetings on a bi-monthly basis, just in time for the changing seasons.


As work picks up in the field and all of the plans start to become a reality, the dinner meetings will get everyone together more frequently to discuss updates and new ideas.



The first meal was held last Thursday at Ayesha’s home, otherwise known as ARK Headquarters. One thing that was mentioned multiple times that evening was that we have already set the bar very, very high for these dinners. Christian was Executive Chef for Dinner #1, and the meal was an absolute success. He spent many hours preparing sweet potato ravioli -from scratch, naturally- which were topped off with a brown butter sage sauce, crumbled pistachios, and freshly grated parmesan cheese. I might even call it the quintessential fall meal. To finish on the theme, he even added squash to the homemade salad dressing. Our friend Paolo chipped in and whipped up rosemary-imbued sauteed mushrooms to accompany the ravioli, and Jen brought pomegranates and blueberry ice cream (AKA summer flavors transitioning to fall) for dessert. The evening was a success and a reminder that this group dynamic is a unique and special one. -JESSIE