The classrooms at Agdahon school are prime examples of where our designs can make an enormous difference in the quality of life for the students.




The Kindergarten classroom, pictured here, is in dire need of immediate updating. It has a condemned wall literally ripping off from the rest of the building. (yes, the students continue to study in a condemned building) Only one half of the structure has a roof- the other section of foundation is not used for a classroom. Right now the crumbling walls on this side of the building surround an open space currently used to store garden plants. Issues extend beyond simple construction woes: for instance, the classroom chairs are not properly sized to the tables, living very little room for knees.The entire structure is low compared to the rest of the property, trapping even more heat during the midday.


Another makeshift classroom, pictured in pink and blue here, is sandwiched in-between 2 larger structures. According to the third graders that use this space, the room is hot and crowded, barely able to house the dozens of kids that need to sit at one time.

That being said, the potential at Agdahon is great. The Kindergarten room can easily be fixed and expanded to twice it’s size. A trellis located on the open half of the structure can be implemented to the final plans to add extra shade. I can’t wait to see the final school designs implemented here.  The results are bound to be lovely- and being situated on a section of lush green hills never hurts! -JESSIE