One of our amazing team members, Jessica Bruah, just arrived back from a site visit to Bitoon Ilaya- the site of our very first Sustainable Classroom build.  We are so excited to share her experiences over the next days.  Please enjoy her words and beautiful photography.  And click HERE learn more about Jessie and her work.


Welcome to school in the rice fields!

Students in the rural Philippines have a little options in the way of getting to school: usually it involves a lengthy walk along dirt roads, with the occasional splurge on a motorbike if there’s any extra money that week. (but this is rare)


No matter how a student gets to the school at Bitoon Ilaya, the final few minutes are the same for all: down a narrow path that cuts through the rice field.


Once we arrived at the “entrance” we were immediately greeted with smiles and open arms by students and teachers.


Bitoon Ilaya is run by Head Teacher Sir Mabini, a gregarious, fun-loving soul who is dearly loved by his school and teachers. His energy is infectious, as you can see here. -JESSIE