The communities supporting the school we are building has been extremely inspiring to us. They want their kids to go to school and be healthy. Through their partnership with ARK, parents and teachers donate materials, time and effort to support ARK programs. For ARK’s $15 Feeding Program, parents transform idle school grounds into organic gardens using their own compost and seeds. They build kitchens using bamboo from their own homes. Every day they volunteer to operate the kitchen and manage the program, which has been successful in getting kids back to school and fighting hunger and malnutrition. Their partnership extends to the classroom project, which they plan to build with us on a volunteer basis. As such, the parents have significantly reduced the funds needed to get kindergarten kids a beautiful, permanent, and comfortable classroom. This partnership creates an equal exchange of work and energy in the program, which is something truly unique.  (Elemental Cares)




Bitoon School 1