We all think about it this time of year…how can we make our homes a little more efficient (and a little better looking) through some simple organization.  Here are Elemental’s favorite organizing tips.  Enjoy.

TIP NO. 1: Label it.  Labeling always makes things easier to find, and can also make bins much more attractive


TIP NO. 2: Or Color Code it  Arranging things by color can calm a chaotic space


TIP NO. 3: Color coding works equally well for your clothes closet


TIP NO. 4: Create an inspiration board with your extra photos, cards, and magazines.

Elle Decor Jul-Aug 2006 2

TIP NO. 5:  Use closet space in creative ways…in need of an office or mudroom space?- closets can be the perfect solution


TIP NO. 6:  Too many books?  Create stacks and use them as end tables


TIP NO. 7:  The back of cabinet doors is the perfect place for jewelry storage


TIP NO. 8: Picture ledges can be an easier way to create photo walls…they require less commitment, and much less measuring and planning.  A great way to display all those extra photos.


TIP NO. 9:  Placing small bathroom items into pretty glass jars is a great way to make your bathroom more organized and more attractive


TIP NO. 10:  Organize your cords!


TIP NO. 11:  Whenever in doubt, put it in a box, a bin, or a magazine file.  Instant way to reduce clutter and clean up visual space