2012 has been a great year for The Elemental Life!  We launched our blog not quite sure how it would develop, and over the course of the year have figured out what we want our voice to be.  We hope our readers enjoy what we are putting out into the world, and love all of the feedback you send our way- keep it coming!  As 2012 comes to end, we thought we’d take a look back on our favorite posts of the year.  Enjoy.

FAVORITE No. 1:  Flower Danmalas

FAVORITE No. 2:  The Entry Doors

FAVORITE No. 3: Typing Horse

FAVORITE No. 4: Shipping Container

FAVORITE No. 5:  A Good Looking Extension Cord?

FAVORITE No. 6:  Bookshelf Canvas- Inspiring DIY!

FAVORITE No. 7:  Colorful Woodgrains

FAVORITE No. 8:  Bryan Nash Gill

FAVORITE No. 9:  New York in Black

FAVORITE No. 10:  Part of the Family

FAVORITE No. 11:  Elemental Baby

FAVORITE No. 12: Stacking Green

FAVORITE No. 13: Happy Monday- Fluid