Changing the color of your Entry door is an easy and affordable way to make a big impact on the feel of your home.  The color you choose can also help to change the way you and others feel when you enter.  Check out the colors below and their corresponding meaning and energy:


PURPLE:  The color of royalty, it ushers luxury and divine blessings into the home.  BLUE:  Said to be the door color of “magical folk,” brings whimsy and serenity to your space


ORANGE:  The color or creativity and vitality, promotes an endurance of these qualities in your home.  RED:  Classic feng shui door color, very protective and energizing, calls in blessings and celebration


GREEN: Brings in wealth and prosperity and promotes balanced health.  YELLOW: The color of wisdom and joy, it will bring awareness and clarity

BLACK: Is authoritative and strong, lends strength to the home and is also helpful for career empowerment