Here’s to  2012!  Bring the energy of good fortune and abundance into your home by celebrating the most mystical being of the Chinese Zodiac: the Earth Dragon.

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And here is something we recently posted on our sister blog SPIRITelemental:

2012 The year of the Dragon

This is the year of the dragon. Let the fire of Divine Light awaken you.

He is the warrior of Light- loyal and true; fierce and strong, always bright. The Dragon travels to Earth on the Rays of Light. Look to the sky; creation abounds; transformation is taking place. The Dragon is here to assist you in discovering who you truly are. His presence can help heal your wounds, and your awareness heals him.  It is time for the Dragon of the East (Benevolent Spirit) to unify with the Dragon of the West (Dark Monster). For he knows no duality, only a world where light and dark are one, masculine and feminine are united. There is no separation, only a unified world of Light. Expand with him. Open your heart. Let him shower you with abundant gifts, allow the fortune he brings. This is your Divine Right.

When invited, he will live in your heart with your energy as his nourishment, and in return he will shower you with blessings. Like a lucky charm, he will travel with you, helping you along the way. All you need to do is provided a pure and open space in your heart.

2012 is the year of the Dragon. Let it be the year of you.

I am the mighty Dragon and I live where Heaven meets Earth, where the sky meets the water and the soul meets the body. I am the Mighty Dragon and I travel on Light, Energy is my nourishment and Light my home.